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18.b Learning strategies / Estrategias de aprendizaje

18.3. Using English for Academic Purposes

Like many students, you may be initially very worried about your listening skills. Academic listening usually involves trying to follow a lecture or discussion in English and writing adequate notes on it. If you have difficulties in doing this, you may not be sure whether the problems are related to listening skills or language issues. In any case, it involves listening to many lectures or similar discourses. The most important skill is for you to learn to recognise the structure of lectures - the main points and subsidiary points. You need to practise: note-taking, recognising lecture structure, deducing the meaning of unfamiliar words and word groups – guessing and evaluating the importance of information (selecting information, understanding intonation, voice emphasis etc.).

Una página muy útil para los estudiantes que quieren mejorar su nivel de inglés.
Saber cómo tomar notas, reconocer la estructura lingüística de una lectura, entender el significado de una palabra, evaluar la importancia de una información, seleccionar información, entender la entonación y el énfasis vocal son algunas de las actividades que puedes practicar en este apartado.

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